— noun • Another term for bin bagrubbish bag (BE), or trash bag, garbage bag (AE).


— noun • An excessively ornate and extravagant haircut.


— noun • Ensuring, through careful design, that a failure in one component will propagate smoothly and quickly to any related components. (Author: Maciej Cegłowski) || Note: not a neologism per se, but an alternate definition – possibly more accurate than the original meaning.

[Applespeak] Nano-chromatic.

[Applespeak] Nano-chromatic.


— noun • A document that is intended to be used for malicious purposes, to harm others directly or indirectly. (From Latin nocere = to harm, and nocumentum = harm)


— noun • Indifference or disinterest towards good typography and thoughtful typographic design choices in a project or product, or even as a general attitude. | Company XYZ’s website is characterised by a distinct typathy, making it difficult to read and generally not quite accessible.


— noun • Self-appointed analyst evidently lacking the necessary insight and skills for their profession. This lack of abilities is apparent in their online contributions, showing their poor job at predicting outcomes in the technology industry in particular. | According to some banalysts, the Apple iPhone 4S should have been a fiasco. (Credit for the inspiration goes to Erik Vorhes and Grant Hutchinson.)


— adj. • Particularly irritated by the fun other people around are having. | I invited him at the party last night but he was just awfun all the time. || Can also be used to summarise the concept that something can be fun for others but not for the speaker: You can laugh all you want, I think it’s awfun.


— noun • The subtle, creeping feeling of being purposefully kept out of a circle or network of people.


— noun • Someone greedy but without the necessary brilliance or power to obtain what they are after. Some sort of loser with a purpose.